A lightweight JavaScript component framework

widget.js is a lightweight framework in JavaScript to separate web applications in multiples reusable components called widgets.

class MyWidget extends widget.Widget {
    constructor() {
        this.el.innerHTML = "<h1>Welcome to widget.js!</h1>";
        this.on("dom:click h1", function() {
            window.location = "http://widgetjs.neoname.eu";

new MyWidget().appendTo(document.body);
  • Uses inheritance based on ES6 or helpers if you don't want to use ES6 classes.
  • Provides an events system separate from the DOM.
  • Provides life-cycle management for visual components.
  • Can be used with or without jQuery.

Read the documentation here

widget.js is not a full featured framework that can handle all aspects of a web application like network communications or routing, there already exists good libraries for that. widget.js only handles one aspect of web development: separation of visual components into independant entities. So it provides only features to serve that goal, namely widgets, events and lifecycle management.

See the github project here

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